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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Facts 4/29/11

Not too much to explain people. I'm Freya and these are facts about me. Volume 3 I believe. So in the name of useless information.......

Did you know :
  • that I have dimples when I smile? I got them from my daddy. My mom tells me I've had 'em since the first time I smiled at her and it's one of his traits that she was happy to see passed on.
  • I am no longer a dirty blonde? *pouts* I was meant to become a dirty blonde with two tones of highlights. What I ended up being was a redhead. It seems I'm one of a few people whose hair doesn't react normally to hair color. (see? statistical freak, I tell ya) I can't decide if it will grow on me or if it needs remedied. That fun day was only a notch on the post I like to refer to as "How many ways can Freya be pissed off?"
  • that I have forgotten how badly kitty scratches hurt like a motherfucker - until recently? I'm well reminded. Good thing she's cute.
  • I will be visiting our nation's capital next week? I could use some recommendations on what to see and what to skip. I've never been. I'm excited.
  • that I really, really like frogs? About 10 years ago I discovered my adoration for the amphibious creatures. Don't know why - but I like 'em!
  • my favorite sex position is plain old boring missionary? It works for me. Usually every time. Not so much lately, though. :(
  • that I have a cute little mole on my left cheek? Ummm.....my lower left cheek. It may or may not make an appearance in a future HNT. No promises. (but it is kinda cute)
  • I grew up in a house that was part of the underground railroad? I think it was built in 1834. We had a sand and brick floored cellar that was really creepy where the washer and dryer was kept and I refused to go down there for the longest time. I would toss my dirty clothes down the stairs then slam the door and run away as fast as I could. Also, my sister swears she saw a ghost. I never did - thank God.
  • I don't think I could live out west? We travelled to the Grand Canyon by car and while it was nice, all the red rock and dirt and general lack of green made me feel anxious. On the way home we got to Missouri before things started to feel "right" to me. It was the sound of wind blowing through leafy trees that did it.
  • that I believe gays have the right to marry and I am pro-choice. Not looking for a debate and not shoving my beliefs in anyone's face - but there you have it.

I'm out of facts for this week, but consider playing along. Marcus did, so go take a look!

And as always, have a good weekend lovies. *kiss*


The Savage said...

Hey... I live in Missouri....

Lusting Lola said...

Wow! You grew up in a house that was part of the Underground Railroad? That is incredible. Dimples are hot and so are redheads. You should keep the oops hair color. :) I don't have any recommendations, but hope you have lots of fun next week!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about how much cat scratches can hurt until you mentioned it. I remember that it didn't hurt so much at the very instant of the scratch, but really stung a little after that, and the pain lingered for way too long.

I especially love green tree frogs. There is one (sometimes two) that hang out on our kitchen window at night hunting the bugs attracted to the kitchen light, they are amazing to watch.

My wife's favorite is missionary position. There's something to be said for appreciating this position, it can be amazing and nothing beats the face to face time!

I want to see that mole (preferably in person!)

Enjoy your trip! I've lived there three times. If I were going back I'd go do the usual touristy stuff because I never did get tired of that. Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria were fun places to shop, drink and have fun. Lots and lots of fun stuff to do there.