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Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to keep yourself occupied on a long road trip Part 1

I was excited to spend the better part of the week alone with my husband. Even more desperate to get him alone in a hotel room. I love hotel sex. It's a bit of strange mixed in with the familiar. Naughty coincides with perfectly acceptable.

Even though we were both exhausted Tuesday evening I wanted to write a post before we called it a night. Od conked out on the bed as I began posting. I had to catch him before he fell too deeply asleep. My boobs were aching from a long day of neglect and needed his attention. I paused my writing and after they were taken care of he was asleep in no time and I finished posting by the glow of my laptop. I surfed Tumblr for awhile and found I was still needy - but this time in another area. It was late and I was torn between letting him rest and waking him.

I tried to curl up to him but the bed he was in was springy and lumpy. I kissed him on the cheek and left to switch beds. He's a light sleeper and was roused by me leaving his side.

"Where are you going?" he asked in a soft and sleep thickened voice.
"Over to this bed. I can't sleep in that one. It's uncomfortable."
"Do you want me to get in that bed?" he offered.
"Only if you don't mind being molested."

After grabbing some pillows he joined me on the bed, kissed me and curled into me. "Goodnight" I said.
Silence. I was baiting the trap and letting him decide.
Another moment of silence.
He rolled onto his back as I lay there with wide eyes wondering if sleep will win out.

"I thought you said something about molesting me?..........."
I grinned into the dark room, knowing he took the bait. "Oh? What did you have in mind?"
"Well, what did you have in mind?" he countered.
I mentally tossed around my options and made a decision quickly. "Hold on....."
I hopped up and fumbled with the luggage in the dark, found my selections and returned to the bed.

"Here. Give me your hands." In one I placed the controller to my bullet vibrator and in the other I squirted some lube. Tossing the bottle down beside him, I guided his hand between my thighs. He spread the lube slowly, rubbing back and forth. When his thumb found my clit and his other fingers began to slide in I pulled his wrist back. As tempting as that is, it's not what I had planned.

I pushed all the covers to the bottom of the bed and got on top of him in reverse cowgirl position. We've only done it twice before. The first time was just a tease for him, but the second time was surprisingly good.  It took a bit of wriggling to get our position just right, and then I nestled the bullet vibe between my clit and his balls and had him turn it on. The vibrations were just as good for him as they were for me. I rode him slowly and leisurely, just enjoying the different sensations of a new position.

Every so often there's just a need for some anal play and this was definitely one of them. I asked him to grab the bottle again and lube up his finger. I should have specified! He got his two fingers that he usually used inside my pussy all slippery and asked "What am I doing with them?" in a confused tone, as he was undoubtedly trying to figure out the logistics of my intentions.

I laughed. "Wrong finger. Sorry. I meant your thumb."
And slowly, pleasurably, he pressed his thumb into my ass. Every time I rocked forward I rubbed against the buzz of the vibrator and when I rocked back I encountered the intense sensation of being doubly penetrated. Od found his rhythm after a minute and it felt incredible. The kind of incredible that causes my brain to mouth function to quit working. I was reduced to a grinding, panting, moaning mess that could only answer his questions with "Uh huh" and "Huh uh".

I must have been leaning forward too far because we had a problem with him popping out and after the second time he was too close to care as the vibrator and friction were pushing him toward climax. I still had his thumb and the bullet so I continued to rub back and forth on him without missing a beat. After he came I thought there was a possibility I could still finish in that position, but gave up and went for the sure thing.

I dismounted, asking him to stay with me as I rolled over onto my back so I could relax, operate the bullet myself and have him use his other fingers inside me, too. He obliged me and within a few minutes I had a small, rolling orgasm that felt like there was more to be had. Typically I have one very intense orgasm that wipes me out, but this time I pushed for more.

What ensued was 40 minutes of chasing an elusive climax. Seven position changes, 2 cramped hands, another session of fucking, and an exhausted bullet later I caught that fucker and experienced an explosive orgasm. It was so intense and my eyes were squeezed so tightly that I saw stars.  I came so hard I was practically sobbing. It was all I could do to lift my hand to take the towel Od offered me. If I hadn't needed to pee I probably would have passed out in that very position.

It was a satisfying start to an enjoyable week of hotel hopping. The only bad news was that it was 2:48 a.m. and we had about 4 hours to sleep before the alarm went off and we began a long day of walking and touring. That didn't stop us from having a quickie after our morning session, though.

Our next stop was remarkably less adventurous since we desperately needed to catch up on sleep, but the adventures did continue. I'll share that with you next time! ;)


Marcus said...

Hotel sex is the best!

So many sexy things in this super hot story: Reverse cowgirl, thumb in ass, bullet vibrator, and my favorite line "Only if you don't mind being molested."

I don't think anyone could resist that line.

I was on the edge of my seat wondering whether or not you would get that explosive orgasm you were looking for.

Advizor54 said...

40 minutes and worth every second.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Thanks for sharing.

GoodWill said...

Awesome, and I'm so with you on hotel sex...it's my favorite! Glad the trip is going well!!!

Freya said...

Marcus- I was definitely in a mindset to thoroughly enjoy myself. I think it worked out quite well. Glad you enjoyed reading. I was wondering myself (at the time) if it was ever going to happen. :)

Advizor- worth the hand cramps too he said. ;)

Will- I can't stay in a hotel and NOT have sex. (even by myself) A Pavlovian response, of sorts.