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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TMI Tuesday 5/31/11 and girding my loins this very minute

I'm just curious. Are there any other moms out there who are experiencing the tight panic in their chest at the realization that you only have mere days of freedom before............summer break? It's a dirty word around here.

My son needs a job - desperately - but hiring is as rare as unicorns around here, and I don't know what to do with him. I suspect he thinks his time will be spent frolicking with his girlfriend. (another dirty word) He has neither the privilege nor gas money to do such. It won't be pretty when he's made aware.

My daughter's favorite weekend past time is sleeping in, taking long showers, and doing her hair - so she can lay in the sun and sweat - only to come back in an hour later, shower again, do her hair, and take a nap. I suspect she plans on extending this routine through the whole summer. Again - it won't be pretty when she realizes this won't be happening.

It generally takes me a month to get them whipped into shape (not literally, I save that for Od!) before they can be considered human and fit for polite company.

I'm preparing for battle as I write.

Wish me luck.

I'll leave you with this week's TMI post.

1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone?
I went to bed around 11 p.m. I was alone for as long as it took Od to shower and join me.

2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
I want an unlimited travel fund and a week month long freebie pass with no repercussions. Yeah. That'd be really nice. *sigh*

3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
I tend to absorb movies and move on quickly. I watch a lot of DVDs. I was moved by The Painted Veil a year or two ago. Edward Norten and Naomi Watts I think. I was disturbed by The Hills Have Eyes. I can't watch movies like that. And I was thrilled to recently watch Water for Elephants. Loved the book. Loved the cinematography. Loved the actors.

4. What is your favorite way to wake up and what is the first thing you do?
My favorite unexpected way to wake up is alone in the middle of the bed with an early morning rain/thunder storm. The first thing I do is root deeper into the covers and fall back asleep to the sound.

5. You’ve been granted an extra hour in the day, what are you going to do?
a. Sleep more
b. Extend a sexual interlude
c. Shop
d. Finally fit in that workout that you usually can’t make time for.
I'm going to say none of the above. I'm going to say I'd read more. In a totally quiet house. Because that's more difficult to come by than the other options.

BONUSAre you in love or lust?
I'm in love and in lust. Both usually with my husband. Sometimes the lust is reserved for others. Isn't that what we sex bloggers do?  ;)


GoodWill said...

Haha, love the request for a month-long pass w/o reprocussions! And I love the idea of waking early to a storm and just lying in bed falling back asleep to the sounds...that sounds phenomenal!

H said...

Your bonus answer is right on, that is what we sex bloggers do..... here is to me lusting after you ;)

Marcus said...

Good luck with the battles, the joy of teenagers, I can hardly wait, lol!

#2 sounds awesome, I think a month would be just long enough to get it out of your system (at least temporarily). I like the sound of "freebie pass" - hoping I'd be part of the travels, of the things that could happen, ahhhhhhh