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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sex games

There's a blog I read, and I've been reading it for awhile. I just haven't gotten around to following it and putting it in my blogroll yet. It's called Husbandly Touch and written by Mick who is a self proclaimed spanko. It's not kink-oriented or even a sex blog really. It's about his home life, the struggles he and his wife have suffered and what it finally took for him to find a way to create a well-run household. But he admits that there's juuuuuuust a little more to it than that. His most recent post makes that obvious. It's not always about discipline. Sometimes......it's just for fun. He managed to turn a simple game of cards  into something more - into a sort of sex game. That's not a far reach. Lots of people have played strip poker. Even tickle fights or playful wrestling matches have the capacity to become heated moments when the clothes fall away and laughter turns to lust. Sex is fun. Games are fun. Sex games are even better. (and you know I'm all about something better) ;)

I found myself having fun participating in a sex game of sorts yesterday evening. I'd call it truth or dare, but the truth portion is me recounting what happened after the dare took place - only it wasn't even a dare. Or a challenge. Perhaps it was only a suggestion, but I was in the right frame of mind and in a "what the hell" mood, so I went with it. Allow me to lay some groundwork for you.

Sunday was the culmination of some ugliness in my household. Problems with the son. The speeding ticket is just a portion. He's determined to make life hard for himself with bad choices - I'm determined that he'll learn about paying the price. There's friction, as you can imagine. I'm the bad cop. So right now he hates me, and Od (the good cop) allowed something that made my job more difficult, was against my firmly expressed wishes, and at a low moment said some things that were personally hurtful, playing on all my insecurities as a parent. So I pulled away from him. I distanced myself emotionally and physically. I lost my best friend for a few days when he was needed, there were no "snuggles" which was damaging in and of itself, and most certainly there was no sex - on top of the week that it had already been. Late Wednesday night we reconnected, and Thursday found me happy with a lighter heart and apparently back in my usual mischievous mood.

After catching up on blog posts, reading and responding to emails, and chatting with a friend or two who happened to be online at the same time, a simple conversation was ended with a challenge. You see, I needed to go, Od had offered to take me out to dinner and as I was closing the conversation I was presented with a naughty challenge : to take a vibrating bullet and insert it before leaving. I was taken by surprise - but only slightly. I was in a good mood and amused at the naughtiness of it. So of course I accepted. It seemed like a fun game to play. The only bullet I have is wired with a bulky controller too tricky to conceal in the outfit I was wearing...........although I remembered this little beauty at the last minute :
I was given no guidelines, but I offered a report on how things went. Since my writing has suffered and posts have been few I thought sharing the experience with all of you might be a nice compromise.

I finished getting cleaned up and just that quickly got distracted enough to almost forget to take the little LELO vibrator with me. Almost. Lipstick on, keys in hand I was bent over in the darkness of the bedroom closet searching the toy case. Od hunted me down in there and inquired about my activity.

"Where's my little LELO?" I asked him, too busy to explain myself just yet.

Ever cooperative, he retrieved it without too many questions, then handed it to me. I took it out of it's silky white drawstring bag, checked the power, then slipped it into my purse and walked out the door, leaving Od wondering what in the hell I was up to now.

In the short car ride to the restaurant he asked about our unexpected passenger. So I briefly told him the truth. He's well aware of the type of company I keep here in the blogosphere and basically just rolls with it. I never know if what I do will be the one thing that takes it too far, but this wasn't it.

I was contemplating the mechanics of my undercover operation. Should I head straight to the ladies' room and have the toy vibrate the whole time? Would that desensitize me after awhile? What if I cum at the table? Having that thing touching me afterwards would be unbearable. People would notice that something was going on with me. I decided that halfway through our dinner I would go to the restroom and nestle it in between my lips, hoping it would go unnoticed. The challenge was to insert a bullet, but I wasn't working with a bullet.

My sangria arrived, and soon after so did my buzz. It was a strong drink on an empty stomach and I'm a lightweight drinker. Our meal was served and as I got lost in the pleasure of a night out Od grabbed my attention and very directly stated "Don't you need to go to the bathroom now?" My eyebrows shot up my forehead as I remembered my LELO. "Oh - that's right!"  Off I went with my purse and dirty little secret in hand.

I wasn't alone in the bathroom as a middle-aged mother of two little twin boys awaited their success. She asked each one as they came out "Did you put the seat down?" One said yes, one said no, then grinned at me sheepishly and ran back in the stall to comply. I commented on her efforts of raising thoughtful young men, and she stated that they had three older sisters who were tired of falling in!!!! Too funny. :D

Now alone I set to my task. The vibrator is bulkier and longer than I imagined (it's been a long time since I used it) so having it slipped between my labia with the vibrating end on my clit wasn't possible. It made a distinct bulge in my jeans, leaving me looking like an unfinished MTF tranny sporting a semi. That would not do. So I unzipped and with jeans and knickers pushed down again, in it went - as originally intended. It's a quiet little thing and set on medium I wasn't worried about getting a numb spot or embarrassing myself a la Sally. I walked down the hallway and out to the dining area. I didn't have far to go. We were seated in the back of the restaurant - almost like it was meant to be. Although a long walk might have made a more interesting story. It was good for my pelvic muscles. I clenched like never before. Od watched with amusement and a smirk as I maneuvered my seat very carefully. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but not uncomfortable. It brought to mind The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. I was deathly afraid that if I relaxed too much it would shift out and the vibrations would sound against the wooden chair I was sitting on. Then others would discover my secret.

No worries, though. I found a comfortable position, the vibrator resituated itself, and I began to enjoy my dinner once more. I wondered if there was any chance that someone else was experiencing the same thing as me. On a Thursday night in a family restaurant, not very likely. But you just never know, do you? I wonder about things like that constantly. It's how I entertain my brain when I sit in a crowd. Who's having an affair? Which guy is impressively endowed? Is anyone else pierced like Od? Are there any other bloggers in here? Her tits can't be real. Who's kinky? I wonder if those two men are gay or just friends. Oh my god.....the things I would do to that man......... It's a never ending parade of inappropriateness inside my head, and the buzzing inside my pussy wasn't making it easier. I squirmed, I clenched, and for a minute thought I had accidentally lowered the setting with all the squeezing because the intensity lowered. Then after a few minutes it lowered even more.......then more..........then it died. It was just getting good.

I sat there with a dead toy, wet panties, and a sad pussy. This was no way to end the evening. We finished up, paid our bill and began the hilarity of getting me to the car without having the toy slip out and fall down my pant leg. I was wetter than when I made my walk to the table and that little sucker is slick, and not very girthy, so it made traction damn near impossible. Od made some stupid comment as he helped me into the vehicle and I started to laugh. Big mistake. I gasped, then used every last PC muscle I could muster to coax the toy back in. As soon as we were home I removed it, cleaned it, and will charge it ASAP. The challenge didn't have the sexy results I expected, but I was aroused, entertained, provided with blog fodder, and I look forward to doing it again - properly.

Go pick out a toy and play. Or raid the game closet. Naked ring toss, anyone? How about Yahtzee with sex dice? And Twister is just begging for it. C'mon - I dare you. ;)


Donna said...


Isn't it great when we can just have fun? I think we sometimes forget how restorative laughing and having fun can be.

Great post.

Lusting Lola said...

Sounds like a pretty fun evening. :)

H said...

You keep getting better! I love how you describe what goes on in your mind, I think exactly the same way, all the time.

What a turn on to sit across the table form you with a vibrator in our pussy the whole time.

You truly are my exact match in the world, I can't believe how much we think alike.

Anonymous said...

Great experience, I enjoyed the "truth" part of the truth or dare. Although it might not have worked out 100%, I think that the playing was exciting. I read this post when out of town and was having trouble commenting, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. You walking around at the restaurant with the "secret" between your legs.

Also wonderful, maybe even more so that you shared what was going on with Od. I'm envious (in a good way)!

Advizor54 said...

I love how OD was in on the secret and actually reminded you that you had something to do. It makes for a perfect story...

Thanks for sharing.